London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Project Cost

Completed 2020


London Borough of Tower Hamlets appointed Bell Phillips Architects to provide new housing on five sites across the borough, providing 135 affordable homes on infill sites within existing estates. Three of these developments are now completed.
The new 7-storey building on Jubilee Street, Stepney, provides 24 affordable flats and a playground on the site of a former car park. Flats are biased towards larger sizes to meet local housing need. The building has been named Levitas House after Max Levitas, a Tower Hamlets councillor who at 18 opposed Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts at the Battle of Cable Street.
Pyrus House in Mile End provides 33 affordable flats for overlooking the Regent’s Canal. The development is the first of two blocks that will ‘bookend’ the Locksley Estate. The building deliberately acknowledges the industrial heritage of the canal and railway structures with balconies that echo the railway bridge opposite.
Orwell House, located on Lubetkin’s Dorset Estate in Hoxton, will provide 20 new council homes. The wedge-shaped building has GRC panels that echo the tone and chequerboard pattern of the existing estate.