Thurrock Council
Project Cost

Completed 2016


This scheme was the first of a programme of new council housing developments commissioned by Thurrock Council. The Council appointed Bell Phillips Architects to design this, and a number of other developments, as exemplar designs intended as demonstration projects to set a benchmark for new housing in the area as well as providing much needed homes and acting as a catalyst for regeneration.
Three blocks of flats fold along the boundary of the site, creating an active, two sided street to the existing estate, whilst opening up at the centre to create a generous courtyard garden. The sculptural roof serves the dual purpose of creating a dynamic façade to the new development whilst reducing the impact of light loss to the existing adjacent properties. Generous balconies provide private external amenity to all units and views towards
the River Thames.
A new community centre is located between the estate and the town. This allows the community centre to engage with the town centre and the activities of the centre to be projected to a wider audience.