Gallions Housing Association
Project Cost

Completed 2010


This scheme is a new-build 18-unit residential development in Thamesmead, that replaced an existing post-war sheltered accommodation block. The new development is mixed tenure and offers a variety of accommodation including 3-bedroom maisonettes located on the ground floor to ensure sleeping accommodation is raised above the potential floodplain.
The design comprises two buildings which face onto a communal garden to the west and towards a canal to the east. The blocks are splayed from a pivot point at the north end of the site to create a private tree-filled south-facing courtyard. The smaller building sits at the apex of a bend in the canal and is angled to provide residents with picturesque views in all directions as well as making the most of this corner site. The lower longer building provides a formal relationship to the adjacent garden punctuated with a series of balconies.
The elevations are articulated by timber fins. This language is replicated in the galvanised steel structure that supports the balconies and walkways. The formal language and materiality of the scheme consciously reflects and complements the dense canopy of trees that envelop the site.