Church Street in for Planning

The new development on Church Street will see existing post-war housing blocks replaced with 1,100 new mixed-tenure homes among new public and community amenities.

Bell Phillips Architects are working on the first of the three plots comprising over 400 homes, a new library, new landscaped public realm, retail space and infrastructure supporting the market. These new spaces will contribute to social cohesion whilst existing residents will be given the opportunity to return to a new home. The development will be tenure-blind with 50% affordable and all communal space accessible to all.

The design of the buildings has taken inspiration from mansion blocks typical of Westminster with the use of red and cream brickwork in decorative patterns, arches and barrel-vaulted roofs. They are designed to be low energy featuring triple-glazed windows, PVs, air-source heat pumps and MVHR. The design seeks to provide resilience to the local area through the support of the street market and the provision of affordable retail and workspace.

From Director Hari Phillips:

‚ÄúThese proposals are an exciting and significant component of the Church Street Masterplan that will have a transformative impact on Church Street and the surrounding area. The mixed-use development will see a significant increase in the number of dwellings with high quality, net-zero carbon (as defined by the UK Green Building Council) homes.”

Church Street in for Planning